A well established software company based in the Netherlands who for the last 15 years have provided Real Estate Management, Business Centres and Telephone Answering Services.


The company are in the process of upgrading and developing their system using the Alpha Five rapid application development tool. Working remotely Glen Schild has provided specific help and support with 


"We are in the process of deploying Alpha 5 v10 for creating a web access to our current application for real-estate management, business centres and telephone answering services. 

It is an application which we developed ourselves and has been on the market for 15 years. So we know how to program and know exactly what we want but not how to do so using Alpha 5.

Glen's mentoring services saves us significant time mastering the tool which in turn saves us significant development time. A real winning combination."

Ger Kurvers, co-owner of  

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"GJ Stats grasped what we were trying to do and came up with some winning solutions..."
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